How to Handle Not Meeting Society's Expectations as a Woman

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I used to think by the age of thirty, I would have it all: husband, kids, house, dog. It was a hard cold fact. Meet my forever partner by 26. Get married a year or two later. Shortly after, Rose, our little girl would be born. By 29 baby number, two would bless our home newly renovated home in LA and we lived happily ever after.

But here's what happened…

Feeling like you’re not meeting society’s expectations as a woman? Learn how to love your life - especially when it doesn’t follow the rules.

I’m mid-thirties now, no kids, no home, but I do have my forever partner. It’s not perfect, but no relationship is and as much as we can get in little fights, man can we laugh. Together, we're silly and loving and I honestly couldn't have imagined a love like this. 

And I have an overactive imagination.

There was a period, where I’d wake up everyday thinking, is this the day? Is this the trip that he’ll? Is this the family visit where he’ll ask my parents? Is this the romantic dinner for two where he’ll finally…” 

No, it never was the day he proposed.

And every month, I felt like I was going to burst and ask, “when will ask me! WHEN!??”

I even went as far as pushing him to buy me a ring. There’s a ring somewhere in my home that will slide on my ring finger… One day. 

I remember when I told my friends that he bought it! I was so thrilled and excited. I gave him a deadline too. Before my birthday June 2018. 

Needless to say, I woke up with a huge hangover on my birthday. When I opened my dry eyes covered in sleep, my head and my heart hurt. My head felt like the Hulk smashed it a few too many times. Don't mix engagement deadlines with alcohol! The wave of shame hit me like a punch in the gut. 

Twenty minutes later, I lashed out at my boyfriend, telling him how good I am. How lucky he is. How I didn't deserve this type of treatment. The word vomit spewed out of my mouth like a newborn baby, it would not stop. I said awful mean things and cried a lot of tears, but the idea of telling my friends it didn't happen made me sick. 

In all honesty, this was the most gut-wrenching fact, that I would have to face the world, without a ring. 

Still with me? Have you noticed that I haven’t talked about his feelings or perspective? Did you notice how selfish I was being? I was more concerned with my ego than I was with his feelings. 

Now I’m going to stop you right then and there. For those of you who are thinking, well he should have proposed, you should drop him - blah blah blah! No, he shouldn’t have, and no I shouldn’t have. 

I should have let him be. Because no matter what-ring or no ring-he loves me. He loves me likes the moon loves the stars. like the sun heats the sky. like if he could, he would get on a freaking spaceship to pluto and come back for me- type of love. 

And that’s all that matters. 

But just like my insecure ass, made him say I love you way too soon… 

We were turning the corner to my apartment after an amazing Girl Talk concert at the Palladium. The night was ending, and in 12 hours, I was going to drop him off at the airport for his Working Holiday in New Zealand. I wouldn't see him for nine months. That realization hit me and so did the Tequila. Shortly after, crazy psycho-emotional train wreck Yazzi appeared. I turned to him as the driver pulled up to the apartment and asked him if he loved me. Before he could answer, I jumped out of the slow moving van and ran to my apartment sobbing. 

He opened the door and wrapped himself around me on the couch. He had me sit up so he could wipe the tears from my eyes, kiss my snot-filled lips, and said, "Of Course, I love you." 

Now fast forward seven years, and again, I am crying so bad, that there was nothing by mocos covering my mouth. Yelling at him saying terrible things and forcing him to propose. 

And thank god he didn’t. 

I had a lot to think about after that. Why was I trying to prove to the rest of the world? That I was worthy of love because I had a ring? 

Dealing with the pressures of society

We don’t have it easy - I’m talking about humans that live in today’s society. There's so much expectation for us straight from the birth canal. People are measuring how quickly we crawl, walk, talk. Our uncles are encouraging us to follow Dad's favorite football team and mom's alma mater. 

And as we get older it perpetuates and gets undeniably worse. Not only do they want us to be geniuses in our own right, but they want us to be individuals. Just not like the “bad individuals," like a starving artist, drug addicts, hippies (insert stereotypes here). They want us to be people who have their shit together and have a 9-5, hate their job, and a savings account. 

It’s seriously the most effed up game of Life + Monopoly. Oh, you graduated elementary school, now you go through puberty. Oh, you have boobs? Go immediately to jail so children in the Christian faiths can shame you for wearing a t-shirt that *gasp revealed you had boobs. 

Yes, this really happened to me. 

Then not to mention, all the images we see in magazines, on tv, before smartphones might I add!! It’s insane the number of pressures and standards we had to live up to growing up. 

And somehow we’re supposed to come out clean like Andy in Shawshank Redemption. It’s incredulous. 

And all we ever see in movies are people falling in love getting married and having kids. Hollywood never talks about the women who don't get married, or who didn’t have kids. If they do she was ugly and a spinster with a million cats with her nightly feature on Hoarders. I mean the old lady lived in a goddamn shoe!!! Ariel got married at 16, and Prince Charming accosted Sleeping beauty in her sleep! And that's better than never getting married or having kids?

See where I’m going with this? 

Our society makes us believe that getting married at 25 is acceptable. And anyone who doesn’t tick off that checklist is a loser, spinster, unlovable person. 

It’s not true! 

No matter where you come from, you are worthy!

If my boyfriend proposes, we get a bulldog named sumo, buy a house by tomorrow. It wouldn't make me any more worthy than I am NOW. 

Even living in my apartment in Phoenix, Arizona without the ring, dog, house, etc… I’m fucking worthy! 

Even in my chubby body, not straight teeth, pimple scars, and traumatic childhood - I’m fucking worthy. 

How do I know? Because it’s true. There’s nothing in this world that can prove that I’m not. There’s nothing anyone else can say, any material item I can own that will make me worthy unless I believe it. 

Why I believed I wasn’t worthy

Here’s the thing, I had a blessed childhood but also an unideal childhood. My parents fought a lot. My father used excessive physical force and abused my mom and siblings. This caused a lot of physical abuse within siblings, and shit our codependency issues are through the fucking roof. 

There’s more, so much more, but these experiences formed my view of myself. And I believed I wasn't lovable unless I followed these rules. 

  • Be a quiet mouse who doesn't make mistakes

  • If you do things for people, they will like you.

  • Fit in, even if it means acting differently than who I am

  • No matter how poorly people treated me, meet them with respect. Especially, anyone, I saw as “more experienced or older.” 

  • I believed my emotions weren’t valid.

Even when I got held up at gunpoint, they said, I was being dramatic, too emotional, and I should just get over it. It’s not like he shot you - you’re still alive. When in reality, that incident fucked me up.

Anyway, I had to relearn to love myself as ME. Even if I am emotional, SO WHAT? I had to accept myself as emotional. When people were rude or talked down to me, I had to let them go. Even if it was my sister or a friend. I was worth me and I wasn’t going to let them treat me that way anymore. 

It sounds harsh, but that’s what society teaches us, “you only have one family.” Yes, it’s true, but it doesn’t make it right for them to mistreat us! We can still live a happy life without them. You should NEVER feel guilty for doing what’s right for you! 

A lot of the work has been subconscious work. We project our self-worth through our subconscious you see. Don’t believe me? Search Neuroplasticity and the Subconscious Mind

Our experiences our Hardwired into our brains. Particularly the ones where we feel shame and guilt. Which includes the small moments like, when I was a senior in high school doing a presentation on James Dean. Every time, I said the word Porsche, this kid who was a Porsche fanatic, rolled his eyes and scoffed at me. 

I was mispronouncing the wor. The correct way is “Por-shuh” not “Porsh.” How the fuck is I supposed to know, I’m not fucking German! 

LOL, I’m still working through that trauma. But the point is, little experiences like these, have a huge impact on our psyche and self-worth. 

From that moment, when I had a presentation those feelings would creep up. Fear appeared in the pits of my stomach causing stuttering, fast-talking, and sweating. Stage Fright to the max. 

How to Change your Subconscious Mind

There are many tools and techniques to change your subconscious mind. I'll link a few resources I use below. The most important factor is understanding who you are and choosing to be that person. Even if it’s not meeting society’s expectations. Especially when it goes against society’s standards.

When you accept yourself, no one can do or say anything to make you feel anything less.

It’s going to take practice. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing is when you’re making a change.

if you're making changes in your life you'll need to remember this...

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But if you stick to it, and keep going because you know you are so worthy of all the love this world and life has to offer.

You will do it. You will reach that bliss, but never give up. There will be hard days, but the good days will start coming. And it will be worth all the pain, and suffering to live a life where you can feel like you. 

As I said, there are TONS of ways to reprogram your subconscious, but I'll share what worked for me. Reprogramming my subconscious mind with meditations aimed to recreate moments in life where I felt shame or guilt. 

Lacy Phillip’s - TO Be Magnetic - Pathway Membership

Lacy Phillip’s from, teaches classes on Manifestation. She believes working through the trauma can help us manifest the life we deserve.

Lacy guides you through meditations to help move you through these blocks in your life and address instances of shame or guilt.

For a long time, I’ve held shadow aspects of being Mexican and being a Mexican who doesn’t speak Spanish. I was always faking it until I "made” it. and it’s held me back from so much in my life-even learning Spanish. 

Think about all the things you feel scared to say or be. What if you could be that person and not have any regret? What would that be worth? 

To start this process join the Pathway

The Holistic Psychologist

If you want real truth! Holy shit Dr. Nicole LePera @the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram Keeps.It.Real.

Take this amazing piece of advice. This post says it all when it comes to setting boundaries and dealing with codependency.

If you’re anything like me you’re just a few seconds away of joining her email list and clicking on all.the.links. :) Enjoy!

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Family is everything for some people. And that’s a beautiful thing. But, in my past, and in the lives of many people I’ve worked with “family is everything” is spoken as a mantra of self sacrifice. The undertone is the message is: do as we say. Meaning, your needs and wellness comes second to the needs of a family unit. Or in many cases, one members desires for the family unit. It’s no wonder that we have hundreds of years of secrets, dysfunction, shame and resentment. If a member attempts set boundaries, or focus on their own wellness it’s seen as betrayal. This is codependency in action. We are interdependent creatures. Our relationships are incredibly important, but so is our autonomy. Interdependence says, I can love you, I can be deeply connected to you, but I do not sacrifice or betray myself in order to gain this connection. Being our authentic self, following our own life path, consciously choosing beliefs and values are part of the adult experience. Yet, in many family this is discouraged. Growth or change is not valued because it threatens the “group think” of the family unit. In interdependent relationships, there is always room for evolution. Even if it brings growing pains or shifts in the relationship dynamic. I genuinely hope to bring more awareness around the idea of family based on freedom, exploration, and mutual respect. What does this idea bring up for you? #selfhealers

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I’m fucking worthy

I’m still not married. I don’t have the house, the kids, the job, the money, but I do have an amazing loving incredibly handsome boyfriend. And I’m head-over-heels in love with - seriously, zero words explain how much I love him.

And I’m OKay not having all of society’s checkboxes crossed off. Because every day I’m closer to loving and accepting myself as me. And that my friends are worth more than all the money in the world.

And so are you!

So if you’re feeling like you’re behind in this life, and that everyone seems to be getting places and you’re just not there, remember life isn’t a race!

You’re exactly where you need to be, but you need to decide right now, is whatever you’re working for, REALLY the life you want? Is it REALLY the life that will make you happy?


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