The Real Reason You’re Struggling With Decluttering And How To Overcome It

Let me just start off by saying, decluttering your life is by no means easy. No matter what approach you take, it’s hard work.

The physical actions of removing things from closets, beds, storage, and then taking car-load by car-load to whatever place is kind enough to take your belongings is like training for a marathon. Each session requires more patience, breathing room, and physical strength to go through one more item or make one more trip.

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The Holiday Survival Guide When Your Family Is Dramatic AF

On the top 10 list that makes me feel comfy and homey, Thanksgiving and Christmas are in the top five. The smells, the foods, the fighting- there’s nothing quite like it. And even if I end up crying because my sibling pushed that button that makes me feel like sidewalk poop on a - 10-degree day- I always leave feeling defeated and weirdly happy.

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How To Dig Yourself Out Of Debt And Build a Savings Account!

When I decided to move abroad, I had no clue where to start, how much money I would need, or how much I could save a month. All I knew was I needed a plan! 

So I got down and dirty with my finances and with myself to make my dream to live in Australia come true. What I loved about this system is that is universal to any savings goal you have in mind. If you want to travel for a year or buy a house, you can. Use my simple method for saving money to move abroad.

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How To Overhaul Your Mindset So You Can Pay Off Your Debt And Achieve Your Dreams!

To start this story, I want to point out that my financial history was terrible in 2006-2012. With a credit score between the high 500s and low 600s. I was always angry, fearful, and anxious:

  • Angry because I had piles of credit card bills that were past due

  • Fearful of receiving yet another overdraft letter from the bank

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3 Simple Tips To Boost Your Energy Right Now! Plus A Free Download

On the Simple Happy Life Facebook page, I asked this question, “If you had a battery for energy, what percentage would it be right now?”

And what I realized is that WE ARE TIRED!!!

Some people wrote

1% about to die

Another person said they “Turned off and I lost the charger lol!” and don’t forget, “Negative in the negative !”

More than ever we need to simplify our lives and find that happy space in our own lives that is just for us!!!

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The Wonderful Truth About Simplifying Your Life, That You’ll Love

What does it mean to simplify your life? Most websites portray a simple life as serene, gentle, nature-driven, and mystical. Filled with quiet moments and hidden treasures, which is lovely and accurate, but it doesn't paint the whole picture.

Simplifying my life has been exciting, full of travel, road trips, laughs, and possibilities. It's bright, vivid, and adventurous and entirely untethered to daunting tasks or mundane to-do lists. 

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How to Encourage Your Husband to Declutter Without Any Nagging

I think every person who is on the clutter-free journey wants everyone in their life to join the club, right? Once our clutter goggles are on, all we want to do is locate and destroy stuff that is no longer loved. And because we know that clutter is the source of chaos, stress, and unhappiness. 

Quite frankly do you have time for being miserable? I sure as hell don't! I want to spend my life doing things I enjoy! 

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Cheap and Easy Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home

To me, my home is a sacred place. It's a place for love, rest, and growth. It brings me peace and allows me to be my truest self without fear or judgment

It's also the window to my mental or emotional state. If it's messy or disorganized I know, I'm stressed. If it's tidy and in order, it allows my mind to create, my heart to sing and my body to dance. 

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A Simple Start To A Self-Care Routine That Anyone Can Do!

As I was making breakfast this morning, I dropped a freshly peeled avocado half on the floor. 

As I tried to catch the avocado, I yelled: "God, you are so stupid!"

It's hard to believe how hard I am on myself. If it were anyone else, like the BF, I would be like "oh, no worries babe, let me just wash it off quick." Squeeze lemon juice for extra sanitation and let the day move on because dropping an avo on the floor isn't a big deal. 

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How to Get Rid of Mental Clutter And Become Energized

I've been going nutty sitting in front of my computer trying to write this blog post. Between not getting all of my thoughts down and my mind taking me on 1,000 different tangents, I am in need of a mental detox to get rid of the mental clutter.

As it's the start of the new year, the internet is buzzing with excitement, hopes, and motivation. For this reason, I have been resisting a detox for fear of falling behind the pack. 

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How To Have A Clutter Free Holiday And Give Gifts Your Loved Ones Really Want!

25 days from now, we will be huddled around the Tree, waiting to open presents.

But if you’re anything like me, your anxiety is building! Why?

Because you may receive gifts that fall into the "Don’t need this,” "Don’t want this,” or “Don’t like this” categories. I'm not ungrateful, I am eternally thankful, but I just don’t know what to do with stuff that brings overwhelm and guilt for not liking it. 

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Feel Good Gifts To Give When You are Stressed And Broke

Fantasy me, wants to buy gifts three months ahead of time for the people I love. Leaving me with plenty of time to wrap, write the most epic cards, and deliver them. I would bask in the joy of my sister crying as she read my sincere card and relished in the perfect present. 

Reality? I have been busy and working late nights. It’s now a week before the holiday/birthday/wedding, and I have yet to complete a single minute of shopping. 

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The 7 Best Tips to Start Your Decluttering Journey Today!

Have you ever looked at your home and felt stuck? Walls are caving in, every surface and corner filled with papers and objects stacked on top of each other. The desk is so utterly disorganized that a keyboard and mouse are barely peaking through the debris. 

When did it all get so messy? 

To be honest, when I see my home in disarray, it fills me with anxiety. I get so anxious that I want to scream, cry, and fall to the ground. 

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How To Create A Plan To Beat Clutter For Good!!

Everything starts with a plan. And a plan isn’t a plan unless you’re organized! Organized planning is essential when you begin decluttering.

I know planning isn’t easy for everyone. I struggled too. But I promise you this guide will provide a clear plan of attack to start decluttering your house.

When you look at your clutter (no matter the size) do you ask yourself

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The Best Montréal Summer Travel Guide for Anyone In Their 30s

Summer is almost over, and we’ve been in upstate NY for a few months now. Although I love the greenery and thunderstorms here, I’ve been feeling a bit restless. So when we found out my boyfriend’s younger brother got his passport, we figured it was time for a trip!

Montréal is only a 3.5-hour drive from Albany, New York. Highway 87 will take you straight to the border. Along 87 you’ll see the Hudson River, pass Lake George, go through the lush Adirondack mountains, and drive besides Lake Champlain. 

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