My name is Yazzi and I'm thrilled you are here!

Seriously, I'm stoked that you are spending time with me. Thank you! 

My Story

It’s time to let go of the shit that doesn’t serve us and keep our minds + hearts focused on what’s important in life: love + connection.

I was once so attached to owning things; I was drowning in clothes and useless technology. I had never felt so ungrounded and afraid to by myself.

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to move abroad that I began to declutter. But it didn’t stick. Once in Melbourne, I got fixated on the flawless image of minimalism. It led to more stuff, less happiness, and band-aid solutions to organizing and cleaning.

After three and a half years down under, my partner and I decided to move back home. I spent three months selling + donating, but the day before the flight, I still had too much shit.

Less than 18-hours before heading to the airport, I managed to fill a Honda Civic full of more stuff and give it to the salvation army. How was that possible, when I spent months decluttering?

But it gets worse, between my boyfriend and I we had another 200+ pounds luggage that we "needed" to take home with us. Years later, my neck hasn't recovered and a knot, whom I call Mike has taken permanent residency.

When I finally made it back to my mom's house, I thought, fuck this!

Organizing, decluttering, and minimalism-all of it- was NOT working. These concepts work in theory. The way to start decluttering is to declutter. To live minimally is to live with less. But if we don't address the issues behind why we needed so much in the first place, they become mindless actions. Just as thoughtless as the ones that helped us fill our homes in the first place.

When I asked myself "what do I need to be happy?" My mind filled with how other people live -minimalists, celebrities- and what we're expected to have - job, house, kids. But comparing myself to people, I didn't know, and measuring myself to a life I didn't want, was making me miserable.

I wanted to live Wholeheartedly. 

I am a full-bodied Mexican woman, who loves being outside, wearing shorts, and being silly. I like dancing with my boyfriend while cooking dinner, funny memes about Shaniqua's phone number, and 90s hip-hop and RnB. I love to travel, take care of plants, and hang out with family and friends.

If you want to let go, you got to love YOU. Head to toe. Mind, body, and soul. And you need to surround yourself with people who love you for you, make you a better person, and challenge you to grow.

Simplifying your life isn't just about decluttering your home, or having better routines; it's about letting go of the idea that made you feel like you needed the stuff to belong. It's about feeling empowered by your choices. It's about exploring the uncomfortable so you can explore your passions.

Once I understood what it meant to love myself, for everything I am, my life changed.

My heart and time are precious, which is why it was critical to do things that I valued, with people I cherished, and create a self-practice with my needs at the forefront of every decision.

You know what happened next?

My life became simple. No more stressing about what I didn't have, or what I did have. No more wondering when things would get better. No more crying because of how stressed or anxious I was.

Of course, there were other benefits to these changes: better sleep, confidence, energy, and that after good sex glow. Who knew, you can also get it from being confident in who you are? Life changer!

I am still not 100% wholeheartedly me. I haven't reached the Gandhi level of loving myself, but I'm getting there. Every day brings discovery, understanding, and appreciation of positive and negative emotions.

discovering you is pretty cool.

Like every epic journey, there is pain, sweat, tears, and plenty of moments of wanting to give up. But the journey continues, and the sight of reaching the end brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The skies have never been bluer, the air has never felt as fresh, and the sun is always perfectly warm. I've had many moments like this, but a moment that stands out is when I figured out how much I enjoy helping others.

I want to help you. I want to help you feel as excited to be you as it is exciting to feel like Oprah just told you and an entire audience you won a car! But instead, she would be saying, "you won your life!"

You deserve to love yourself. To stop questioning if you are doing right, because if it's making you happy than you are doing life right.

So, if you're ready like really prepared to let go of everything holding you back from being authentically you, let's commit to kissing the BS, and anything else that doesn't serve you good-freaking-bye!

What can you expect from me?

  • The honest truth about my journey and experiences.
  • Tips and Tricks that have helped me simplify and be productive
  • Empowering myself by doing more of what I love
  • Exploring my passions and higher purpose

No matter where you choose to connect, I am committed to delivering fresh and relevant content to help you live your Simple Gold life. Every so often I may mention a new product, but I promise it will only be because I think it's relevant to Simplify + Empower + Explore.