Oh hey! My name is Yazzi and I'm thrilled you are here!

Seriously, I'm stoked that you are spending time with me. Thank you! 


My name is Yazzi! I'm new to this blogging world, but in my life I have done so much to bring simplicity to my everyday, create a life where I'm my own boss, and exploring the world.

After living in Australia for nearly four years, my boyfriend and I accumulated so many things. Most of it was gathering dust and it was a reflection of not having basic essentials in my life like connection and experiences.

Additionally, my career started to feel like a rut rather than my passion.

My alarm would go off, my eyes would burn, and I felt exhausted before the day started. Which is crazy because I used to love my job! Working on big clients, creating media strategies, developing amazing tactics to achieve our clients goals. Although these clients had a lot of money they weren't willing try new ways to reach their audience or their objectives.

Which made me think, why am I wasting my time, energy, and my passion on clients who aren't ready to grow and be innovative?

Lastly, I love to travel. I love experiencing new cultures, new people, and new places. With my job, I felt like I couldn't really go places and enjoy what they really had to offer.

The worst bit, I was complaining about all of our stuff, my job, and traveling (or lack their of) all.the.time.

Then I thought, "This is my life isn't?!"

That's why I decided to change it up! Live my SimpleGoldLife where I can live simply, create a perfect job, and travel the world as a digital nomad.

What can you expect from me?

  • The honest truth about my journey and experiences. 
  • Tips and Tricks that have helped me simplify and be productive
  • Creating a job that is more like a passion
  • Exploring the world through travel and/or living abroad

No matter where you choose to connect, I am committed to delivering you fresh and relevant content that will help you live that SimpleGoldLife! Every so often I might mention a new product, but I promise it will only be because I think it's relevant to Simplifying + Creating + Exploring.

My Manifesto

To help career women become a digital nomads and have a life filled with simplicity + creation + exploration.

If you're tired of belongings keeping you from doing what you love, being in the same old cubicle day in and day out, and dream of traveling abroad, join the golden notes newsletter.

More about Yazzi

I come from a big family and have lived majority of my life in southern California. LA to be exact. I'm an entrepreneur, digital nomad, crazy chick, movie lover PLUS a daughter, sister, aunty, god mother, and girlfriend. 

My partner and I have just finished four years of living abroad in Australia, where we traveled the country and also visited nearby places like Indonesia and Japan. Our favorite place to date has been Japan, but we loved the beautiful beaches of Western Australia.

We're currently floating between the east coast, where he is from, and the west coast, but hoping to find a new place to call home in 2017. Where? It's still TBC, but it's oh so exciting. 

My background is in marketing and working with top brands attracting their target audience and getting their message to their audience at the right time and place. 

If you have more questions, hit me up on social media, send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on the blog