My name is Yazzi and I'm thrilled you are here!

Seriously, I'm stoked that you are spending time with me. Thank you! 

My Story

Three things changed my life and my view on life:

  • I moved to Australia
  • I had a job that caused me to be stressed, overworked, and underpaid
  • I found simplicity

I moved to Australia with the idea that I would be a different person. Start a new life, with my boyfriend, run every day, eat healthy, constantly exploring,  and perhaps find a new career like floral arrangements. Pretty reasonable. 

Instead of transforming into the new me, I took old habits into overdrive. 
Fearing that I would run out of money, I accepted the first job I could find. A temp job in digital media. This work place was full of problems and immediately tried to fix them all. 

In a month I was offered a full-time position. Leading me to work 10-12 hour days including weekends. I couldn’t believe my coworkers were not doing the same. How could they only work from 9-5, take a full hour for lunch and have the audacity to take their mandatory 15 minute break.  It blew my mind. 

I was drowning and I didn’t understand the Australian values of work-life balance. 

Which is exactly why, after two-years, I left that job. I took a break and decided it was time to finally live like an Australian. 

After a few months off, I found a new job and started working on work-life balance. I’m so thankful I was able to see and live it for myself. Australians have a way of staying connected with friends and family. Frankly, it’s their number one priority. I used to judge this way of living, but it was truly a blessing and a wonderful change to incorporate in my life. 

Step one to finding balance, do more things i love to do. I love to travel, but to travel i needed money and time. 

Step 2, look for ways to make life easier, be less busy, and have less stuff. At work I got a real routine and found a better way of doing projects. At home, I started decluttering and incorporated meal planning. All changes giving me more time and less to stress about. I stopped buying clothes to fill a gap in my happiness and eventually I had more money because I wasn’t constantly buying things. 

Savings in time and money allowed me to do exactly what I love doing. Traveling, reading, cooking, and keeping a clean house. Yes, the last one sounds weird, but I feel more at ease when my life is organized especially my home. 

The end result?

Since I’ve had amazing adventures all over Australia, Japan, Bali, Mexico and even traveling throughout the states. And the BF & I plan to do more of it!

We’ve moved back to the states and continued to purge everything we own. All of my clothes, toiletries, and shoes weigh about 55lbs.

Shedding the weight of being busy, having less, and traveling more has made me feel empowered. I feel connected with who I am and it’s a blessing.

In a nutshell, that’s my Simple Gold Life. 

I want to share my experiences, good and bad, with you and not only do I wish you a life full of things you love doing, but want you to live in Australia one day. 

What can you expect from me?

  • The honest truth about my journey and experiences.
  • Tips and Tricks that have helped me simplify and be productive
  • Empowering myself by doing more of what I love
  • Exploring the world through travel and/or living abroad

No matter where you choose to connect, I am committed to delivering fresh and relevant content to help you live your Simple Gold life. Every so often I may mention a new product, but I promise it will only be because I think it's relevant to Simplify + Empower + Explore.

More about Yazzi

I come from a big family and have lived majority of my life in southern California. LA to be exact. I'm an entrepreneur, digital nomad, crazy chick, movie lover PLUS a daughter, sister, aunty, god mother, and girlfriend. 

My partner and I have lived abroad in Australia, where we traveled the country and also visited nearby places like Indonesia and Japan. Our favorite place to date has been Japan, but we love the beautiful beaches of Western Australia.

We're currently floating between the east coast, where he is from, and the west coast, but hoping to find a new place to call home in 2017. Where? It's still TBC, but it's oh so exciting. 

My background is in marketing and working with top brands attracting their target audience and getting their message to their audience at the right time and place. 

If you have more questions, hit me up on social media, send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on the blog