this morning,
let go of everything you didn't do right, the negative things people have said and focus on all that you are

learn to simplify

Watch the FB lives all about living a happy life!

Tune in each week for insightful and encouraging conversations with yours truly that will inspire you to know your worth is more than your career or what you own.

We’ll discuss everything from how you can simplify your life, how to handle this shitty work days, and how you can live better doing the things you actually want to do, like that trip to Bali! Aye aye aye!!!


Hey, I’m Yazzi!

I'm in pursuit of a wholehearted life. I live simply because I’d rather be happy than live in chaos. When I’m not on scrolling through the interwebs, you can find me dancing, eating tacos, listening to 90s RnB, traveling, or taking care of my plant babies.

but life wasn’t always like this…


i’m a recovering workaholic + perfectionist.
i quit a $100k job to live a life i love! And my mission is to:

Encourage you to create a life that makes you happy!

How? Well, it all starts with knowing yourself better, which makes it easier to simplify your life. When you feel confident about who you are, you’ll explore, well, anything your heart desires-no regrets.

Let’s say goodbye to society’s rules and say hello to everything that makes you, you! Ready?