A Complete Guide To Human Design for Manifesting Generators.

Here’s a look into my Human Design Chart as a Manifesting Generator. I will share how I’ve applied the tools and teachings into my life and how it’s helped me live my best life.

I don’t often write about spirituality or my religious beliefs. My heart and my mind are open to so much more than one practice. I love yoga, meditation, slow body movement, high impact training, tarot cards, and in my life I’ve been to a handful of church sermons. I’m all over the spectrum.

Lately, my practice includes Kundalini, subconscious reprogramming, reading books on the Akashic Records, and I feel more connected with my heart than ever.

But one system and practice has been overwhelmingly beautiful and eye-opening.

Enter Human Design. Human Design has opened me to a way of living that isn’t necessarily new, but what feels like is authentically me. Over the last six months, I’ve seen a shift in my life that I never thought was imaginable and I’ve become MORE spiritual.

Here’s my experience with human design.

How learning your human design type can help you live a happier and fulfilled life! #humandesign #humandesignchart #humandesignmanifestor simplegoldlife.com

What is Human Design?

Human design is a beautiful mix of Astrology, the Iching, Kabala and a lot of other amazing teachings. But in its essence, it says “Our Design reveals the way we came to live our Heaven on Earth. Before our soul comes down, it chooses the exact gifts and purposes it wants to share in this lifetime. Then, of course, we temporarily forget the details of this mission when we land here because the whole point of this journey is to remember who we are (aka the Divine in human form).“ Jenna Zoe

To pull your human design chart, you must know your birth country, birth city, day, month, year of birth, hour and minute of birth. #humandesign #mybodygraph #astrology Simplegoldlife.com

pulling your free human design chart

To pull your human design chart go to Mybodygraph.com. You will need to know your birth country, birth city, birth state(province) and your birth time in military hours.

(sorry for those of you who don’t know what time you were born, it’s a big part of the process).

From there you will get redirected to a page, with YOUR human design chart.

This page is the Talking BodyGraph. Feel free to listen to the audio attached to this, but I like to select the tab on top left called myBodyGraphs. (if you’re on a phone, go to the menu in the top right, and select myBodyGraphs).

You will get a chart that looks like the one below with more information listed on the right. (This is my chart! And it’s stunning! haha.) Clicking on the body graph or links in the information center will reveal extra details about your design.

after entering your birth details, you will receive your human design chart. #humandesign #humandesignchart #mybodygraph simplegoldlife.com

Reading your results


Your results will lead you to five different types. Do yourself a favor and don’t get caught up in the normalized definitions of each word especially Manifestor.

  • Manifestor

  • Generator

  • Manifesting Generator (MGs)

  • Projector

  • Reflector

Manifestors, Generators, and MGs are energy types. Projectors and Reflectors are non-energy types.


Each type has its strategy, which if followed correctly can create flow in your life and called signature. If you don't follow your strategy, you may experience your Not-Self, which are uncomfortable emotions.

In my chart, when I’m in living in my design, my signature is Satisfaction. When I’m out of alignment with my design I feel Frustration. BOY IS THAT TRUE!!


The next important factor in your chart is your Authority. Our authority determines how we should be making decisions in our lives. There are seven authorities

  • From Inside the body

    • Sacral

    • Emotional/Solar Plexus

    • Splenic

    • Ego/heart

    • Self/Identity/G

  • From outside the body

    • Environment

    • Moon/Lunar

Your authority is the language your body uses to communicate. Which is wild in our society, because we all believe our decisions come from the mind. But what I love about HD, is that it’s actually all sensory and nothing is from the mind. Our mind is a tool that we use to evaluate and research, but our body (and some outside factors) tell us what signals we should listen to.

My authority is Emotional/Solar Plexus. This means, I must experience/feel the highs and lows of making a decision, and once my emotional wave ends, I will be able to make a decision.


“There are 12 Profiles in the Human Design system, which can be regarded as a basic character pattern that frames a person’s life. The Profile indicates the purpose and theme in life and is directly related to the incarnation in this life.” Human Design

Incarnation Cross

This is your life’s purpose! “The Incarnation Cross, in combination with the Profile, is what ultimately defines our purpose on Earth. There are 192 basic Incarnation Crosses in the Human Design System, each derived from a combination of the themes of our Sun and Earth positions. Together, they form the whole of our human experience.

Your Incarnation Cross is will slowly emerge over time as you live in unison with your individualized nature and culminates in the full expression of your potential. It usually comes into play around the Uranus opposition, age 38-42, when you have planted a solid foundation and have a clear direction. It is in that sense the essence of your purpose through which you can leave your mark on the world.” Jovian Archive


Before we get into how my life has changed for the better, I want to talk about the nine centers.

Each center represents apart of your personality/subconscious.

  • Head: Inspiration, Mental Pressure, Doubt, Confusion, and Questions

  • Ajna: Thoughts, Answers, Opinions, Insights, Ideas, and Conceptualizing

  • Throat: Communication, Manifestation, Materialization, Contact with the Exterior Worlds, Outlet for Energy and Expression, Speaking and Doing

  • G: Identity, Love, and Direction

  • Heart: Willpower, Egoism and the Material World, and Self Worth

  • Sacral: Vital Energy, Life Force, Generator Motor, Response, Availability, Sexuality (and Fertility)

  • Solar Plexus: Emotional and Nervous System, Emotional Wave, Moods, Feelings, Emotions, Desires, Passion, Romance, Sex drive, and Food

  • Spleen: Basic (Natural) Fears, Well-Being, Immune System, Intuition, Instincts, Survival

  • Root: Drive, Ambition, Stress, Adrenaline, Worry and potential Depression

The colored centers in your chart are "defined," which means the energy is consistent. The white centers are where you’re susceptible to taking on energy from the outside world, also known as learned conditioning.

Gates and channels. The gates are the numbers within each center and the channels are the lines that connect the centers.

Gates connected to a white/open center are active gates. They “turn on” like a light switch, when you are around someone with that defined center.

Other notes

The black blocks on the right represent your conscious mind and personality traits you know to be true. The red blocks are your design, which represents your subconscious. Each aligns to an astrology sign and planet, which connects to a gate and channel in your personality and design.

Best Books on Human Design


how my life has changed with learning my human design

FYI, I only scratched the surface of Human Design. This is a super complex system, but If you’re still with me, I’d be happy to get into how my life changes. Are you ready?

I’m a 4/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator

I spewed out a whole bunch of words, but they mean so much!!

Contrary to what the world/society believes, Manifesting Generators can multi-task and have many interests. To the outside world, MGs looks to be a scattered brain or not focused enough, but that is where our beauty lies.

following my Design

My job in the world is to continue to find what lights me up. And as soon as something stops igniting that flame I need to let it go- no wonder I love decluttering. Which is incredibly difficult in our society. But our energy in finding things that spark our joy is intoxicating to others around us, which may inspire non-MGs to follow their light.

True definition of a Manifest generator

Every day an MG is reacting to life. We can react to

  • the weather outside the window

  • a random question or sign

  • to the food we see or drink

  • or a desire to shower when listening to your favorite song or

  • doing work that is giving you a high.

Reacting to the world and following that gut energy or sound, will lead an MG to happiness and flow. Like getting an invited to an event in Phoenix. You hear yourself say uh-huh when your brother invites you. Instead of thinking, you decide to book a last-minute flight from LAX and you meet your future boyfriend. (This is how I met my boyfriend).

Living your life this way day by day is no mystic, but what's available to you every second if you listen to yourself.

Your gut/sacral energy will also tell you when you don't want to do something. It will sound like a low, croaking or roaring like a heavy sigh or the sound of uhn-uh when you're asked to do something. Even the sound of your breath can show you where your energy flows.

Tuning in with your sacral will give you a life full of inexhaustible satisfaction, no matter how difficult and hard it may be, because it is yours, real and so alive. You know that you can act independently and you have enough energy to realize your goals. Patience is a real challenge for you. If you learn to listen to your sacral sounds, wait for a response.

Using My Manifesting Generator Strategy & Authority

Because my Sacral is connected to my throat, I am more Manifestor. Which adds another step to my strategy.

Step 1: Strategy - Responding to life/environment

Like the generator, my strategy is to respond to life. My response to life will activate my sacral giving me a feeling of yes or no that sounds like “Ahuh” for yes or “un-uh” for no. I may also shake my head up and down for yes or side to side for now.

For example, I see a concert with all of my favorite bands, and I am excited! That excitement inside me is my authority telling me it’s time to respond aka decide it. Do I want to go to the concert or not?

Step 2: using my authority: riding the emotional wave

If I was NOT emotional, I would ask my sacral “should I buy tickets?” and my sacral will respond “Ahuh” or “Un-uh.”

BUT I’m emotional before my sacral can make that yes/no sound, I must experience both the Highs and Lows of wanting to go. This is all a feeling, it has nothing to do with my mind and it’s likely to take up to 24 hours. Once my wave finishes crashing between the ups and downs, and I’m cruising to the shore, I’ll be in a state to make a decision.

I ask my sacral, “do I buy tickets?” and it’s either a yes or no. My sacral screams “YES! Buy those tickets”

Step 3: Informing

The green light from my sacral now allows me to inform and use my manifestor-energy from the colored 20/34 channel. Which means I can tell people about that concert and let them know I’m going. Because my energy is high vibe and I responded to life using my authority, my friends are likely to pull the trigger too.

This is a true story. Watch out Just Like Heaven Fest!!

learning to let go

First, my entire life, I’ve been able to multitask. I can do many things at once, and do them well. But if I force myself to do something, especially after the spark has fizzled out like a firecracker, I come to a block. Completely frustrated.

And now that I’ve been experimenting with my strategy, holy shit! Like Ho-ly Shit! My life is changing and blossoming into something beautiful.

When I lived out my design (and let’s be honest, it’s going to take forever to remove the social, family, cultural conditioning), I felt so much FRUSTRATION. This is the feeling of the not-self for MGs and Generators. And that’s exactly the word I use when I’m out of alignment with my heart and soul.

When I follow my design, I trust the universe to bring things on my path so I can use my strategy, then I wait for the emotional wave to pass to make I can make the right decision. WOW.

It’s like the world shifts. Mountains are moving, and rivers stopping to make whatever I need come true so I can feel complete Satisfaction! It’s pure satisfaction, like when air reaches your lungs, your mind has crystal clear clarity, and you know you are at peace with the world. Simply beautiful.

Frustration with the open centers

I notice whenever I am feeling frustration it usually has to do with my open centers: Head, Ajna, Spleen, and Root. Your open centers are the areas where you are open to conditioning by the world you grew up in - from your family, friends, school, every-thing!!!

I’m only going to focus on the head and Ajna because I’ve always felt like I need to know everything and care about all the details. Although I’m a details person, the pressure to be right and to know everything weighed heavy on my heart, body and soul.

And then I read, when you have an open head and an open ajna, your mantra should be: “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” That one statement freed me. I felt like an eagle soaring through the sky because I no longer was trapped in a cage.

To be honest, I’ve never been great with “smart” details. Facts leave me as fast as I hear them, but when i’m truly intrigued by them like Human Design, they stay forever. Again just another property of an MG. But I’m fine with not knowing all the details cuz like science. 🤣

We can all manifest - the Variables

If you are discovering human design via Lacy Philips and ToBeMagnetic.com, you may want to know what type of manifestor you are.

As you know the word to Manifest, is to create something into reality. Then there’s the Manifestor Type in HD, which get their name from being able to create and make something happen out of informing the world. IE Start wars.

However, the act of manifestation is available to everyone. And there are two ways to manifest:

  1. Specifically - write a list with exact details of what you want the universe to bring you. 
    IE if you want gold hoop earrings, you describe the size, karat, design-everything.

  2. Passively - write down what you want the universe to bring you - no details - and then leave it be. 
    IE back to those perfect pair of gold hoop earrings, rest assure that the universe will somehow find a way to introduce them to you. But don’t describe them, so just ask the universe to bring you earrings. It may turn out that golden studs may be just exactly what you need!!

How to manifest passively or specifically with human design #manifestation #humandesign #humandesignvariables simplegoldlife.com

To tell what type of manifestor you are, you look at the four arrows that surround your head. The bottom right black arrow determines your manifestation type. If it points left, you are specific, if your arrow points right you (like in this image) you are a passive manifestor.

I am a passive manifestor, so I ask the universe to bring me whatever I need in all aspects of my life. 🥰


The last bit is my profile type. Six different lines are hexagrams, and two together are your profile. You can see your profile as the small numbers in the first black and red boxes on either side of the head. You always lead with the black. You can see my profile is 4/1.

4/1 have no karma. We are truly meant to be happy.

So, I’m just going to follow my light and let my life unfold - my life. my rules. No apologies for being who I am authentically.


learn how to decondition

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How to Decondition

With that said, we all need to decondition. IE get back to our authentic selves, to feel worthy of everything you desire on this planet while you’re alive. To know that the universe/God wants to see you flourish and will support you in fulfilling that dream.

The tools I use are below, but I also highly recommend The Pathway from ToBeMagnetic.com that will guide you step-by-step to healing wounds and trauma and get you back to your truest version of yourself.

Resources to help with deconditioning

  • journal when you are feeling triggered

  • meditate and reprogram any subconscious beliefs that make you feel less than/unworthy

  • set boundaries

  • make self care a priority

My favorite tools to support my growth because let’s be honest it’s pretty messy to unlearn everything, but it's necessary to evolve into your true self.

What human design means.

I hit you with a lot of info at you at once. which is why I want to tell you how big of an impact this knowledge has made in my life.

  • we are all unique

  • we are all perfect and it’s our life’s journey to reconnect with our authentic selves so we can fulfill our purpose and be happy!

  • there is no bad/good - only an opportunity to grow

  • we are truly supported by the universe/god (whatever word you use to connect to the higher power)

  • stay out of my mind and in my body

  • my mind does not decide

  • let go even when I’ve put so much into learning or building (there is always more waiting)

  • my fears only exist if I let them.

And most importantly don’t let the world tell you who you are. Everything is already inside of you to flourish and blossom exactly how you are meant to.

Now tell me, what’s your human design and does it resonate with you?


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