How to Get the Best Food Without Leaving the House

Want the best food without leaving your house!! Blue Apron's meal subscription service is what you need for those busy weeks or when you're about to go on vacation.

When I’m having a busy month the last thing I want to do is plan my meals or shop for groceries. I want to avoid thinking as much as possible and fighting someone for the freshest bunch of kale. Nevertheless I do it every week to be healthy and save money.

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But it seems the only time to get groceries is when everyone else is getting groceries. When I’m on my lunch break, after work, or it’s the weekends, the supermarket is jammed packed. People in front of the produce, nudging between aisles, and a little kid with his shopper in training cart smashing into my ankles. And I'm over the smiles of frustration when someone pops in front of my view of the cheeses. Give me cheese!

All I want is to enter the store without elbows and carts blocking the produce and to know all the food I buy will be the bomb.

So I stopped buying most of meals from the grocery store. Insane I know, but between dinner dates with friends or not being hungry some nights, all the anxiety I get from shopping at a store, it's just not worth it.

How do I get the best foods without leaving the house?

Blue Apron meal subscription service to the rescue!

If you’re a working woman who is juggling an intense job, personal life, and trying to be healthy, I suggest you do the same. Let me take you through why a Blue Apron subscription is better than a grocery store.

Pros of Having a Meal Subscription Service?

It comes to your door. Excuse me? Yes, it comes to your door. Packaged up in this cute box with every ingredient labeled.

Less Planning. If you’re a couple or a single who wants leftovers, a Blue Apron gives you three perfectly portioned meals.

This removes the entire planning process, especially, if you're one to have dinner with friends once a night or go out on date night with your boo. 

The freshest produce. Every item that came in our box, especially the fresh produce was incredibly flavorful. I didn't have to spend time at the grocery store to sort through all of the Avocados. A perfectly ripe Avocado was already in the bag. 

Ever heard of a cara cara orange? No, well you should because it was the best orange I've had.

Eliminates waste. When I shop, I sometimes buy too much or forget I have something in the fridge. BA gives you the exact measurement of each ingredient. Meaning, I don’t have to buy a celery bunch when I only need two sticks.

New recipes without having to buy extra ingredients. I love cooking and I love making new foods, but I always limit myself to what’s in the pantry. I don’t want to spend time and money on ingredients that I will only use once. For example, the ponzu sauce in the fridge is creeping to about 8 months old with about three uses. I’m sure it will last a lot longer, but after awhile, I will throw it away.

Blue Apron measures out each ingredient, even the ponzu sauce or fresh chipotle chile, so you don't have to worry about getting rid of it later.

Easy to follow recipes. I don’t have to be Tom Colicchio to understand what to do. Which makes it easy when I’m riding solo or fun when my boyfriend is home to cook with me. Instant date night! We'll turn on the tunes, pour the wine, and let's cook!

Delicious Meals. Thank you BlueApron, you are legit my boy… blue. It's hard to choose a favorite, because they savory and filling.

Vegetable Fried Rice Bowl
Chipotle Vegetable Farro Salad
Baked Ricotta Cannelloni

The box is Recyclable. You can either go to the site and print a label to send the BA box back to them. Option 2, they give you detailed instructions on how to recycle all items that come in the box like the ice packs. This makes it super convenient and makes you feel a bit better about the world.

You have the recipes so you can make them later! I’ve already made the bowls 2x when we had guest over. It was a hit! They were happy with the meals and excited that they tried something new.

High-quality ingredients. Because they work with 150 farms, they ensure that ingredients are like my dad says, “cream of the crop.” It’s helpful to know the food is sustainably grown and non-GMO. Which I can’t confidently say about the food I buy at the grocery store. Yes, I could investigate every item I buy, but some weeks I just don’t got time for that.

Hold the subscription. Since we're traveling often, Blue Apron gives us an option of skipping a delivery week and for the longer trips we can put our subscription on hold. Making it suitable for our traveling lifestyle.

Finally $60 bucks for 3 meals is a steal.To some that may be outrageous, but quality foods for a healthy meal does wonders for your body.

Like I mentioned before, you're no longer spending extra cash on over buying or needing 1 tsp on super black vinegar. 

it's also a huge money saver when you're eating for one. My boyfriend sometimes travels, which means I get to eat dinner and lunch left overs. WIN!

Cons of Meal Food Delivery

You can’t choose every recipe. Every week, there’s a selection of meals for you, but if you choose the burger, it may remove the Fried Rice. (For those of you wondering, yes, It was hard decision, but I picked the fried rice). Although Blue Apron is trying to make all meals accessible for everyone, it’s not possible for them right now. This set back is because they work with local farmers. Which basically means you’re getting the freshest food to your table that isn’t stuck in a truck for days at a time.

Maybe I should move this to the pro section.

It's hard to find quality produce. After having the best orange of our lives, we've bought cara cara oranges from every local store: Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Vons, Costco. But the oranges they stock, do not compare to the orange we received from BA. This is the same for all ingredients we've had delivered from BA. 

Even if I spend the time going to the store, buying organic, it's still not high quality, so I'd rather spend my money on Blue Apron.

My official Blue Apron Review?

Loves it! Especially for those weeks that are more hectic than usual. I also said goodbye to the post traumatic stress from entering the super market. Time to enjoy wine and quality time for the ones I love.

Ready to skip the grocery store and get the best ingredients ever?

Here's a special offer for you!

$30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order

Also, if you have an Ebates account, you can also save an additional $7.50 off your first order!

Have you used a subscription food delivery service before? Tell me your experience in the comments below!

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Hi I'm Yazzi, the creator of Simple Gold Life! Here I'll be sharing everything you need to know about simplifying, being empowered, and exploring the world. Learn More

Hi I'm Yazzi, the creator of Simple Gold Life! Here I'll be sharing everything you need to know about simplifying, being empowered, and exploring the world. Learn More



Want the best food without leaving your house!! Blue Apron's meal subscription service is what you need for those busy weeks or when you're about to go on vacation. Food Delivery, Food Subscription