Morning Routine Ideas that Will Jumpstart Your Day

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Leave the rushing behind with these easy tips to simplify your morning for a better day!

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting your day off wrong. Am I right?

Here's a list of my not so favorite ways to start a day. Can you relate?

  • Wake up late.

  • Forgot to wash the conditioner from my hair. I wouldn't lie about this!

  • Spend 45 minutes looking for something clean to wear.

  • I've made breakfast and forgotten it.

  • I've missed the train and have spent hours in traffic.

  • I also locked my keys in my apartment and my car.

These are unnecessary and unwanted obstacles that I have endured.

Because mornings have a life of their own, I want to share my routine to simplify your morning. 

But the truth is a good morning routine starts off the night before.

Your Morning Routine Starts The Night Before

Choose two outfits to remove morning stress.
The night before, I plan two outfits: My feeling great attire + My comfortable loose, but cute outfit.

Having two options allows me to plan for the unknown. If I wake up feeling great, I can Beyonce out of the house. If I wake up bloated, I get to be comfortable. Either way, it prevents me from rummaging through my closet every morning saving time and anxiety. 

Make or buy easy breakfast meals so you’re hangry doesn’t come out.
Buy granola bars, make overnight oats or pre-make egg omelets in a cupcake tin. If you’re forgetful, store granola bars in your handbag or leave them at work. 

Prepare your handbag or any bag you need.
Prep your purse with the essentials. Get your gym bag ready to work out before or after you clock out. Leave notes to remind yourself of  any to-dos or more importantly to bring your lunch! You know the leftovers won't be as good the next day!

Journaling to prevent over thinking.
if you have anything on your mind, write it down. As soon as you write your thoughts down your mind receives the "it-is-time-to-relax-and-stop-thinking" signal. While you’re at it, create a to-do list and list three reasons you're grateful. 

Magnesium for the best sleep you ever had.
If you haven’t discovered magnesium yet, YOU Are Welcome!!! Magnesium is the best for getting good Zzs. I take magnesium and use magnesium oil. Either way, magnesium relaxes the muscles, releases the stress hormone, and calms nerve activity. I’ve tried many sleep remedies, but nothing has worked like magnesium. (I'm not a doctor, so always consult your doctor first).

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Best Ideas for a Peaceful Morning

It’s time to get your day started!

Use a non-stressful alarm.
Anytime I hear an iPhone go off, I cringe. It automatically puts me in a foul mood. Try using an alarm that gently wakes you up. Sleep Cycle, monitors your sleep at night, but it also plays soothing music to wake you up softly. 

Another alternative is the wake up light. It beams light to wake you up gradually.

Yoga & meditation to set intentions.
Waking up and feeling exhausted before you even get out of bed is a terrible way to get your day started. 15 minutes of yoga and a few minutes of meditating can do wonders for your morning. It also prepares you mentally for a stressful day.

Shower cap + dry shampoo are gifts from a heavenly creature
I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. I don’t have time to wash it every day, thus the need for a shower cap. Besides, as most of us can attest, it's nearly impossible to get the just left the salon look when you get out of the shower. If my hair is feeling a little greasy, I break out the dry shampoo and let it work it's magic on my head. Move over Pantene Pro-V!

Curling iron or straightener for good hair.
My bed head is crazy. No matter what I do, my hair in the morning looks like I survived a horror movie. After I shower, I release the locks from my shower cap and put each side into high pigtails. I curl each side with a 1/2 inch curling iron or straightener. Douse the locks with hairspray, take it out from the ponytail, and brush it out. It’s my best glam look without having to go to the salon.

Oh hey, Beyonce!

Let go of the makeup routine.
I gave up on makeup. I can’t do it, especially not winged eyeliner. I’m a basics only girl now. Moisturizer. A small amount of concealer. Blush, Eyeliner. Mascara. Lip gloss. Done!

The end result of my simplified morning routine.

A calm, relaxed morning, a comfortable outfit, wavy hair, natural makeup, good breakfast and I’m out the door. This morning routine is about an hour long, and I'm not rushing or watching the clock.

What do you think of my morning routine? Is there anything you can implement to simplify yours


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