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How To Dig Yourself Out Of Debt And Build a Savings Account!

When I decided to move abroad, I had no clue where to start, how much money I would need, or how much I could save a month. All I knew was I needed a plan! 

So I got down and dirty with my finances and with myself to make my dream to live in Australia come true. What I loved about this system is that is universal to any savings goal you have in mind. If you want to travel for a year or buy a house, you can. Use my simple method for saving money to move abroad.

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How To Overhaul Your Mindset So You Can Pay Off Your Debt And Achieve Your Dreams!

To start this story, I want to point out that my financial history was terrible in 2006-2012. With a credit score between the high 500s and low 600s. I was always angry, fearful, and anxious:

  • Angry because I had piles of credit card bills that were past due

  • Fearful of receiving yet another overdraft letter from the bank

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Feel Good Gifts To Give When You are Stressed And Broke

Fantasy me, wants to buy gifts three months ahead of time for the people I love. Leaving me with plenty of time to wrap, write the most epic cards, and deliver them. I would bask in the joy of my sister crying as she read my sincere card and relished in the perfect present. 

Reality? I have been busy and working late nights. It’s now a week before the holiday/birthday/wedding, and I have yet to complete a single minute of shopping. 

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