12 Houseplants Every Beginner Plant Mama Needs

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There’s something about house plants that makes my inner nature goddess scream with glee. Plants are good for your health as they purify the air, but they're also good for the soul! Every new leaf feels like your very own plant baby!

12 Best Houseplants for beginners that are low maintenance and impossible to kill! #houseplants #indoorplants #plantmom

Low Maintenance Houseplants for newbies

Snake Plants

Also known as Mother In Law’s Tongue are so beautiful. They come in several different varieties, but my favorite have a mixture of the bright green and are lined with bright yellow. They bring color to any room and are perfect for purifying air. I have two on either side of my bed, one for the boo and one for me.

Did I also mention how easy Snake Plants are? I went about a month not watering my babies, and they are perfectly fine. Suggested watering is once every two weeks or when the top one inch of the soil is dry.

If you’re scared of overwatering, wait a two more days. Snake plants are pretty resilient, so less is always best.


There are so many varieties of Pothos. Some grow upwards, others are long and viney, and then there are the fluorescent and white leaved! Absolutely gorgeous.

Just like snake plants, pothos are easy to care for and they will show you when they need some love. Their leaves tend to droop when they are in need of water, as soon as you see the leaves lowering, shower them with water until water seeps through the pot drain holes.

Afraid of over-watering? Wait one or two more days and then water your pothos.

If you see any yellowing leaves, go ahead and snip them off with your favorite plant cutter.

chinese Evergreen

They say these bad-boys are easy, and I will be honest, I’ve killed every chinese evergreen I’ve ever owned. After killing my third chinese evergreen, I immediately purchased this light and water meter to keep track of my plants basic needs.

They are easy to overwater, so be sure to use your water meter and place it one-inch deep into the soil to get a good reading. Once it’s nearing zero or one line, give it a good water.

Spider plant

Spider plants come in four varieties:

  • Bonnie Spider Plant

  • Hawaiian Spider Plant

  • Variegated Bonnie Spider Plant

  • Zebra Grass Spider Plant

These plants are one of the most resilient plants I’ve mothered. With or without water they truly stand the test of time.

They thrive in all levels of light, but most importantly you only need to water them every week and a half. (at least that’s what I do).



air plant magnets

Air plants

If you’re looking for small plants, Air Plants are the way to go. They need to submerged in water once every few weeks for up to 10 minutes. At the end of their lives they will bloom and give birth to a few babies.

Air plants in bloom are gorgeous. They have amazing colors of pinks and purples, but unfortunately once they bloom, they die. Don’t worry, soon enough you will be blessed with air plant babies that will start the cycle over.

Easy peasy plant care!


I love bamboo plants because you don’t even need soil! In fact, my favorite way to feature bamboo is to find a clear vase, add some pebbles, add the bamboo and fill the vase with water.

Change the water every few weeks, and be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great beginner houseplant for any home or apartment. Not only are it’s leaves filled with healing goodness that can be ingested or topical, they are extremely easy to care for.

Aloe vera does well outside, and only requires watering every few weeks. Make sure to have proper drainage holes for your aloe as they will be susceptible to root rot and die.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia aka ZZ plant, are slow growing and extremely hard to kill houseplants. They require low light, watering once every one-to-two weeks. It literally can withstand any types of temperature or neglect and some say that zz plants thrive on neglect. so, if you’re the type to forget about your plants the ZZ plant is perfect for you.


Fun facts, pineapples are apart of the bromeliad family! These plants are pretty easy indoor plants to take care of. They have a well in the center of the plant that should be filled at least 1/3 way at all times. I notice my bromeliad leans towards the sun, so I keep it in front of my east-facing window where it can receive two-ish hours of sunlight every morning.

I water my bromeliad once a week and she’s thriving. I can’t wait until she blooms!

succulents + Cacti

Succulents and cacti retain water so they can be watered every two-ish weeks depending on the variety. There are many varieties of succulents, some love to be in soil while others prefer rocks. Be careful not to overwater your succulents or cacti, and let them get as much sunlight as possible.

If you are living in low-light conditions, try watering your succulent less and be let it sit in the sun during the weekend. But never place your succulent in direct sunlight if it’s been inside, it will cause the leaves to burn.

Fiddle Leaf

Fiddle leaf plants are extremely instagramable. They are the perfect edition for any aesthetic plus they’re pretty easy to care for. These plants need a little bit more moisture than the plants I mentioned above, which is why I have a spray bottle on hand to give my fiddle leaf a good mist daily.

My fiddle leaf likes to be watered every five days or so, this is why it’s imperative to have a water meter on hand to properly keep track and not to overwater my beautiful fiddle leaf.

Rubber Tree

My rubber tree is very similar to a fiddle leaf. In addition to misting it daily, I also like to clean the leaves once every two weeks to ensure they are getting all the proper nutrients from the sun. I leave my fiddle leaf infront of an east facing window where it can get three-four hours of sunshine every morning. however there are some days in the summer where I keep the blinds down so it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight.

Easy to Grow + Impossible to kill Indoor plants

There you have it! 12 incredibly easy plants to grow indoors making it easy for any beginner house mom to kill their plants!

What are your favorite must have indoor houseplants?