Current topics of interests

Looking for blog posts written for :

women in their late 20s and 30s who do not have kids!

  • how to be happy alone

  • how to meditate

  • how to face your fears

  • how to let go of anger

  • how to be more self-aware

  • fixed mindset vs growth mindset

  • things to be thankful for

  • how to be a digital nomad

  • how to be out of your comfort zone

  • how to stop being such a negative person

  • using the law of attraction

  • signs the universe is testing you

  • manifesting money

  • best morning routine for success

  • how to follow your dreams with no money

  • truly aspire to your dreams

  • dealing with daily distractions

  • staycation ideas

  • best hobbies for adults


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  • 1,000 words minimum, SEO-optimized post for a specific long-tail keyword phrase

  • Proofread and grammatically correct, formatted with headlines, subheads, emphasized texts and lists (easier to read)

  • Written in a conversational tone (we’re all friends here)

  • Provides actionable steps, be helpful (not “salesy”) but inspiring

  • Including a content upgrade is a huge plus, readers LOVE bonus content (check out our the existing resources here)

  • Your post may be slightly edited and the title will likely be changed

  • I will create all the graphics and images

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