Travel simple Favorites

If you're want to enjoy your trips or live abroad you don't want to focus on carrying all tons of weight. Enjoy your trips and your life abroad , use these simple products to enjoy it all. 


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If you're going to be. traveling a lot and want to keep things to a minimum a backpack is a perfect way to travel. You will only focus on what you need versus what you think a full luggage can carry. It's smart!


Compression Dry Pack

This sucker is a god send! Put in tons of clothes and compress it all into a little ball that makes it easier to fit in your backpack. But don't be fooled by its size because the weight will be the same.


Dual Voltage Hair Straightener  

My nick name is nappy. Not b/c I like to take naps, but because I got fly aways surrounding my face like a said lion's mane. When i'm traveling and especially when I was living abroad, I really needed a hair straightener. This dual voltage baby is a life saver and I've never had any issues in the four years abroad. 


Travel Bottles

This is strictly for short trips no more than a month. They really come in handy especially for facial cleansers and toner.  If you're  going on a two week trip Shampoo and Conditioner. 


Bar Soap

First off bar soap lasts forever. Yes, you need to carry it in a baggy, but it's so worth it and takes much more less space than carrying another bottle.