Living Simple Favorites


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Amazon Fresh

I hate wasting my time at the grocery store! That's why I love planning my meals, adding them to amazon fresh. They arrive as soon as the next day, without the fuss of waiting in line. 


New Mattress

What's better than a great night of sleep? Other than Tacos, NOTHING!

It amazes me how many people don't invest in a good mattress. You sleep on it 8 hours a day 365 days a year. Getting a new mattress is basically telling yourself, "I Love You!"




This helps me stay health and get the most out of my salty cravings like pasta or stir fry. Super easy to use and to clean.

it will become your best friend in the kitchen, next to your dish washer!



Everyone needs one of these. For the days you're really stressed out or when you need some help sleeping. (yes sleep is a big thing for me.) A diffuser really takes the edge off. Not to mention it helps bring moisture in the air especially on those cold winter nights. 

I love the Innogear diffuser because it's small and they have a one year warrenty. Their customer service is also awesome. 


Essential Oils

It's pretty amazing how powerful these oils are. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Sweet Orange are my go to oils. 

They help me relax when I'm stressed, focus when I'm working, and ease cramps when I need crams eased. Go get you some. It's well worth it!



So, I've had a Sonic, Waterpik , Colgate and Oral-b battery operated tooth brushes and they never felt right. Sonic and WaterPik are too expensive and bulky. Colgate and Oral-B just don't have that super clean feeling. Not to mention they are all super loud! 

But i have found the perfect match to my simplistic taste and sensitive sleepy ears (you know when you accidentally fall asleep on the couch and everything is louder when you're in that sleepy daze?).

Quip toothbrushes. The case sticks to a mirror to keep your counters clean, they work amazingly, and they come with a refill subscription plan. Most importantly new toothbrush heads are only $5, it's battery operated too but without the noise. 



A happy home has plants and lots of them. A plant makes your air fresh and this one is really hard to kill. Feel better about your every day, freshen up your air, and have something beautiful to look at!



I just moved back from Australia May 2016. Since I have already made $115. That's pretty good! and money I want in my bank account!



This is another site that doesn't work with Amazon, but it's super helpful. My Mom loves Macy's so when I buy gifts for her, I know i wont always be paying full price!