Living a Simple Gold Life is a way of living with less to do more of the things you love. My courses will teach you the benefits of simplifying, how you can move abroad, or the best way to move house. All of which will make you feel empowered! 

Quit the Job Move Abroad

The Step By Step Guide to help you quit your job and move to Australia!

Everyone dreams of living abroad, but not many Americans do! Why? Because of Money, Visas, and Fear!

I'll help you overcome fear, save money, and walk you through getting your visa, finding a job, and traveling in OZ! 


Work Less to Live more

A four week guide to finding work / life balance through simplifying and mindfulness.

If life is completely overwhelming: from your home life to your work life and every thing in between, then the work less to live more course is for you!

This program will help you focus on what is important in your life, simplify your every day, and motivate you to clock out of that crazy job on-time.  


Moving Made Easy!

A 6-week course to get organize and declutter before you move!

Are you about to move out of your house and are dreading it? This simple 42 day moving guide will help you get rid of stuff you don't need, get all of your life admin in order, and get out of your current home.

Making moving into your new place a happier place with less stuff so you can enjoy your space.