Understanding Human Design Types with Sarah Salinas - The HD Bee

Understand how you can become your best self by knowing your Human Design Type with Sarah Salinas @theHDBee #humandesign #humandesigntypes #humandesigndefinitions simplegoldlife.com

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Salinas, The HD Bee! In this session we talk all things Human Design- from the human design types, definitions, authorities and how they best work together!

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Otherwise, sitback, grab the popcorn and a notebook so you can capture all things Human Design! Watch the video now!👇

Human Design Topics

How Human Design Found Sarah: 00:00:30

Infuses eastern and western astrology combining the Iching Kabala and more! These systems are layered

Human Design 101 - the types

Generators: 00:05:00

Do what lights you up, very good planners, micro details!

How do you know what doesn’t light you up, when you are shoulding all over yourself!

Manifesting Generators: 00:08:09

Same as above PLUS! MG’s change their minds a lot. Compliment both your generator side and your manifestor side.

Visual. Multi-faceted. You are a lightning bolt.

Projectors: 00:13:04

Non-energy type. Sees the world in a macro way- kind of like a bird.

Projectors just want to be seen, but they cannot see themselves.

Manifestors: 00:27:00

Purpose is to initiate based on their vision and inform.

They don’t like answering any questions. They are just going to take action.

People pleasers. Not everyone is meant to be in your life, it’s okay if they leave

Reflectors: 00:32:00

Non-energy types. Lunar being. Their charts are completely white, they just glow and illuminate the room. They take on the energy and become the energy.

Make their best decisions when they’re in-line with the lunar cycle.

Human design definitions - 00:37:38

How to connect with people: friendships and relationships. Look at which centers are colored in (defined) and how they are connected by the channels.

Individual Definition: 00:39:13

Split Definition: 00:41:30

Triple Definition: 00:43:30

Quad Definition: 00:45:53

Human Design Authorities - 00:48:32

Six different authorities. 3 common and 3 uncommon.

Sacral Authority

generators & mgs - get quiet and body show me a yes. body show me a no. never ask an open ended question, ask yes/no question.

splenic Authority

Very yes/no and comes quickly. “truth is in the now.” Intuition

Emotional Authority

Truth is not in the now, must go through an emotional wave of high’s and lows before making a decision.

Ego authority

Not a generator, no define spleen, or no define emotional. Very competitive.

G Center Authority

Must talk things out - they hear it in the tone of their voice whether or not they should do something.

No Authority

Reflector - make a decision based on the cycle of the moon.

Mental Projector - sounding board, open from the throat down. they must honor cycle of the moon and become very wise. Turn their experience into wisdom to make a decision.

“No one has authority of the mind.”

About Sarah Salinas

Sarah Salinas is a CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) for a corporate company by day and a wife, fur mama and a Human Design reader everywhere in between and is currently making her transition into taking on HD full-time. She also enjoys photography, writing poetry and all things "woo woo". HD found her a little over a year ago and after 6 months of ignoring the call to learn the system, she finally leaned in and started studying. While doing so, she realized she had never in her life understood something so clearly. 

As the months went on and her knowledge grew 2019 rolled around and the Universe started bringing people her way out of nowhere wanting to book a session. She uses HD as a guide to help people better understand how they best show up and navigate the world, how they manifest, their strengths, super powers, gifts, how the best make decisions and so much more. 

It was only when Sarah started living by her own unique design (Projector) she realized HD was the missing link for what a lot of people are searching for and she felt it was part of her life calling to help educate and share this life changing system. HD helps give you your power back and hands you the permission slip to be 100% authentically YOU

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What do you think about Human Design? Did you pull your chart? If so, share your energy type and authority down below!