The Real Reason You’re Struggling With Decluttering And How To Overcome It

The real reason you’re struggling with clutter and how you can finally overcome it! #declutter #overcomeclutter #beatclutter

Let me just start off by saying, decluttering your life is by no means easy. No matter what approach you take, it’s hard work.

The physical actions of removing things from closets, beds, storage, and then taking car-load by car-load to whatever place is kind enough to take your belongings is like training for a marathon. Each session requires more patience, breathing room, and physical strength to go through one more item or make one more trip.

Then add the emotional side, which is by far the Iron Man of decluttering. 2.4 mile swim through the saddest times of your life, a 112-mile ride through all of your dreams you’re leaving behind, and 26.2 mile run in a hot desert of all of your fears. One minute feels like an hour, and even sixty seconds of deep emotional decluttering has you sprawled out on the floor incapable of moving.

And, just like an Iron Man, this marathon is all you. No one to switch places with at the end of each leg. No one to say, you look tired, let me help you. Every step forward is all you!

But the JOY, the pure joy of seeing the smallest of difference is addicting as seeing someone you love smile, or that hug your mom gives you, or those unbelievable sunsets that remind you how beautiful life is every day.

Here’s why.

Under the piles of clothes, in the dusty boxes stored in my closet, behind the mountain of old nick nacks, I found myself.

Most articles online, get you in action. Let’s Mary Poppins the shit out of this place and make everything disappear so we can be happy right now! In a militant way, we get charged up by 10-minute challenges, and power hours because it’s proven to make significant changes!

And don’t get me wrong, I participate in them too, and highly recommend them as a way of starting, but this way leaves you feeling empty because it separates our emotions and feelings from our belongings… really our life.

As we are knee deep into our closets, we refuse to let our tears fill our eyes. We allow the idea of one more hour, one more item, overpower every wave of sadness, fear, and loneliness that fills our bodies. And those emotions continue to sit there unless we address them.

And it sits just like the clutter sits under our beds, in boxes crammed on top of the bookshelf, and the old clothes that are stuffed in a drawer. Just like the bodies, we bury in a box, in the ground, unable to touch the sweet earth, decompose, and grow into something beautiful.

we need to deal with emotion

Emotions make us human. The good and the bad. The happy tears of joy and the gut-wrenching pain, it’s all apart of life, and we must feel them to heal, to grow, to know ourselves better.

This was the problem with the robotic purging I was doing. I wasn’t allowing anything to come up. Instead, I continued to stuff the drain with more and more crap, until I bubbled up and was left paralyzed.

Unable to do anything. Stuck in-between the life I wanted and the experience that already happened. And I knew I couldn’t stay in this limbo because this wasn’t living!! This wasn’t filling my soul.

A different approach to decluttering

The next time I felt my tear ducts filling, my throat clenching, and that sudden urge to run into my bed, cover myself with blankets and turn on Netflix, I decided to go head-to-head with my emotions.

Every item that set off a fear, or sadness, or reminded me of someone or of an experience I loved, I let the waves rush through me.

I asked myself questions about why these things were so special. I let myself remember experiences that I didn’t want to remember, you know those deep secrets that you don’t even want to admit to yourself? Yeah, those, I remembered and felt them until there was no more pain to feel.

negative body image

I looked at clothes and cried for the person that used to fit into size 24 jeans, and for the woman I am, who is comfortable and currently fitting into size 29 jeans. And I accepted that I couldn’t judge and compare myself anymore.

I let all the images go, of the beautiful women I’ve seen on tv, social media, and of my friends, I would secretly envy.

I paid attention to all the times I felt shame about my body, the experiences the moments, and realized most of them stemmed from the cruelty we experience in our everyday lives. The pressure to look thin, to “be healthy,” to be happy, put together, to look like a woman, and the judgment from our family not wanting a chubby _______.

And I allowed myself to look in the mirror and appreciate every scar, every crooked tooth, the nappy hairs, the big breasts, the skinny legs.

I stood a little taller.

People Pleasing

Going through all of the gifts and cards I was given, I cried for all the friends that are no longer my friend. For the gifts, I was holding onto because my family said: “don’t throw this away because I spent a lot of money on it.” For hiding the things I truly loved because I was scared I would be judged for who I really am.

I let go of the guilt that was keeping me small and chained to belief systems that never belonged to me. I allowed myself to embrace all of my quirks, and all that I am, so I could create something new that was based on a life that I wanted to create.

I breathed a little easier.

fear of failure

I looked at all of my finished projects, all of the makings of future endeavors, my journals, and my vision boards and let them go. Not because I didn’t dream of those things anymore, but because I needed to make space for new dreams and possibilities.

I felt a little lighter.


I looked at all the pictures on my phone that were not good enough to post. All the endless takes where one eye was bigger than the other, or my teeth looked more crooked than they are, and all the pictures where my fat was bulging.

I remembered all the times I received poor reviews at work or had messed up and was too ashamed and embarrassed to admit it.

And I shared these moments and pictures with someone I loved who was able to love me so much that the sharp pains that have never left my stomach began to fade. I deleted the pictures and forgave myself for feeling shame.

I held my head up a little higher.

Saying goodbye

And most importantly, I said goodbye to everything I wasn’t. Everything I thought I should be, that I thought I should have, and let myself be. Let myself be okay with mistakes. Let myself be a happy size 29. Let myself feel pretty with crooked teeth. Let myself be okay with failure. Let myself be imperfect. Let myself be okay with not meeting people’s expectations.

I accepted myself and felt a warmth inside me so strong that I knew I would be okay.

It was still a lot of work, but I found the energy and motivation to get rid of stuff that I no longer needed or never really wanted. In the end, I realized all the things that I saved were the same things that were keeping me small and making me feel unworthy of the life I wanted. And giving myself permission to explore the things that we’re so often told that makes us too emotional, was actually the way to feel strong and empowered.

so the next time you’re feeling stuck, tired, or unmotivated, maybe it’s time to let yourself be precisely who you are and feel the waves of anger, pain, sadness, joy, excitement, beauty, grief, pride, passion - whatever that is inside you, and accept them as moments in your life.

It’s here where you’ll find the space you desperately needed to create your simple gold life.

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to feel emotions?? Tell me below.

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