How The One Minute Rule Can Change Your Life And Kickstart Your Productivity!

Everyone knows the feeling of having a million and one items on their to-do list. 

But it doesn't have to be this way! 

Using the one-minute rule will change your perspective on how to get things done!

From the moment I wake up, it's go-go-go! There was never any time to make the bed or have breakfast. At work, there is no time to think about home life, let alone lunch. Seven hours later, I would be home and would see my to-do list staring me right in the face. Does it ever stop?

  • Dishes piled up

  • Clothes everywhere

  • Shoot, I’m down to my last clean undies, need to do laundry

  • Kitchen, disgusting

  • Ugh the bathroom, I don’t even want to use it right now

Our to-do lists keep us so busy, that we end up getting health issues!!

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Finally, it's time to cook, but there's no food! "Make A list," and "Go shopping” is added to the never-ending To-Do list.  

On top of that, there's gym, family, and oh yeah, SLEEP! Don’t even get me started on hanging out with friends.

I'm exhausted writing about it all. And research shows, that the longer we wait to do something, the less likely we are actually going to do it!! So we don’t, and we just sit back and let life happen to us.

For many of us, this is life. To be honest, this was my life for a long time, and it was tiring. I was like Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell, screaming "I'm so excited! I'm so scared!"

Then one day, on the way to work, I was listening to Happier with Gretchen Ruben. Happier is a podcast about introducing better habits into your life to live a happier life. Every episode they provide a "Try This at Home" tip, for all the listeners to try at home. This is where I first heard “the  one-minute rule." And boy, was my life changed.

The One Minute Rule

First off, let me tell you, a minute is a reasonable amount of time. Sixty long seconds to DO. 

It took a minute to pick up our dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. Instead of one dish in the morning, I'd clean two or three or even a large pot. Next, I'd throw a load in the wash. Fold all the shirts. Cut vegetables for snacks and pack leftovers for lunch the next day. Making my shopping list for the grocery store and buying the groceries online.

The most significant lesson I learned was not to wait to get my to-do list done. Doing one-minute tasks many times a day, made life simple. 

Dishes are no longer piling up. Cleaning a few dishes while I cooked made the meal enjoyable. Why? The sink wasn't full of dirty pots!

Picking up clothes while I wait for coffee is a sanity saver.

I never have time to sweep, but a quick vacuum was doable. 

Finally, relief in my life! The best part, I regained control of my to-do list.

Why the one minute rule worked?

If you're anything like my friends or me, you like to get things done. Completely scratched off your list. Does this sound familiar? 

You're probably nodding your head, yes. 

I'm a doer, give me a list, and it will get done. In the past, I couldn't only wash one dish. I had to clean all of the plates at once. But this is why my to-do list piled up.

My mentality was all or nothing. This mindset was my demise. Breaking up larger tasks into smaller tasks made my to-do list achievable. 

Although it was a hard to break the "all or nothing" habit, it has changed my life around. If you do a few dishes every time you have a spare minute, it becomes painless to manage throughout the day. Not to mention how much pain it saves your back! 

Ways to use the one minute Rule

Think about all the time you'd get back from using the one minute rule five times a day. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Do you use the one minute rule? What's your favorite thing to do in one minute? 

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