Three Items That Will Cozy Up Your Home After Decluttering!

When you're simplifying your home it may be difficult to add decor without over doing it. Use these 3 simple rules to decorate a simple home. Guest Blog By Renee-Claude Gratton from

Decorating while living a simplified lifestyle can be difficult. The secret is choosing décor pieces that are empowering, rewarding, and inspiring. The key is using objects that serve a function or bring meaning to your life! Décor is not just frills, it’s functionality! It serves a purpose; which is to create an environment that makes you happy and inspires you. It can of course have other functions, but I think those two are the most important.

It can be hard to find a balance between having too many things and too little. Too many things drags you down and clutters your home. Having too little things leaves a home bare, sterile and uninspiring. Both end up killing your creativity.

There are 3 items that I recommend everyone should have in their home to keep that spark and life alive!  

When you're learning to simplify your home keep plants and flowers as decoration

Add Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are always number one on my list when it comes to home décor! Plants and flowers are a symbol of life. Which is quite powerful since our homes are usually closed from the outdoors. Plus, if you are moving to a different country it is nice to take care of something other than yourself, even if it’s a plant. It can switch your focus to something else when loneliness strikes; see if you don't start talking to your plant at some point!

Place one in your bedroom where you’ll see it when you wake up in the morning. Place another in the room you spend the most of your time like the kitchen, living room, or office.

Easy No Fuss Plants - Water every two-three weeks

Using sentimental pieces like blankets, art, and mementos from travel to add style to your home

Use Sentimental Pieces 

Framed pictures of friends and family are my absolute favorite. They carry so much meaning and memories. They are also a highly convenient way to dress up your home if you are moving or traveling often. It's easy to pop them out of their frames and bring them anywhere with you. The pictures themselves don't take much space.

Add mementos from your travels to remind you of your wonderful adventures. This could include small local art pieces and sculptures, gifts from family and friends, or even handmade tapestries to hang on your wall.

Artwork that inspires you is another option to decorate your home. Although if you are moving around it’s obviously harder to transport!

The key here, with artwork, pictures or other items is to have something on the walls so they don’t look too bare. I’ve always thought of walls as a storyboard. Whatever is up there is part of the story you want to tell the world and yourself about the life you have and want to have. Don’t leave it blank.  

Books are a smart way to decorate they add function and character

Books add Purpose and Style

If you take a few favorite books they can definitely function as décor! Books are knowledge and power, so let that be a part of your environment! Stack them on a bookshelf, have them in your living room, or set them up on your bedside table.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Keeping Your Home Simple

These three items are what I consider must-haves for anyone’s home. Adding them to your home creates an inviting and warm environment, assuming that you have your basic furniture or whatever else you need on hand.

Beyond that, there are always more items that you can add, but make sure they are functional items. Such as a decorative lamp by the couch and a reading lamp on your desk. Or, a blanket draped over your couch that works as décor and is also functional on a cold evening ;). I personally have always preferred a blanket over throw pillows, but those items are based on your individual needs, likes, and wants.   

Three questions I ask when choosing décor items are:

  • Will this item inspire me?

  • Bring me joy?

  • Serve a function?

If the answer is yes, then it has a place in my simplified lifestyle!

I’d love to know where you are at in your journey and what inspires you! Let me know in the comments section below or shoot me a message!



Renee-Claude Gratton

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I’ve been decorating, crafting and re-arranging furniture ever since I can remember! I’ve always had a passion for making sure a room looked ‘just right’ and was lucky enough to have parents that let me paint and re-paint the walls of my room and of my house whenever I took fancy to it (or course a 12-year-old will paint the walls of the living room a dusty rose!). I’ve now refined my style and matured in my color choices but still enjoy splashes of color in accessories!

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