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Allow me to introduce myself

I’m Yazzi, an enthusiast of living life simply, being empowered and exploring my true desires.

if you need help living simply in a city, becoming your best self or discovering your passions, I’m here to help you find the time and motivation to create your simple gold life.

i took this picture on a road trip to Tucson, AZ. I was having a really great hair day, but a not so good face day… look at that pimple on my chin. This picture is 100% #IRL. Also you’ll notice that i don’t pluck my eyebrows… lazy? nah, just living life simple

My goal is to help you be empowered and create a life that is simple defined by you - that will improve your relationships with yourself, home and loved ones. That way you can spend more time doing what you love or exploring whatever that could be.  

I’m here to help you

  • Create positive mindset changes that will help you let go of what’s weighing you down and give you the confidence to be authentically you
  • Create home and life habits that help you take care of you and reduce the stress and chaos of life
  • Inspire you to explore new things that may lead to a happier and productive life

 My Story

I’m a recovering workaholic and perfectionist - always trying to fit in and be liked-a result from being the youngest of five kids.

I have spent years believing that having it all and doing it all was going to bring me happiness, boy was I wrong.

After spending 10 years in corporate America struggling to open my eyes every morning, I realized that happiness was something I found in myself not in my career or in the things I owned. I began to question society rules, family expectations, and stigmas that women were made for cleaning/cooking/and child bearing. The more I let go limiting beliefs and things, the simpler my life became.

As someone who has tried doing all the things, let me tell you, happiness is not about the things, it’s all about your desire to accept yourself for who you are - no matter what the world thinks.

If you’re interested in making your life simple, I have some resources to help you!

 A little more about me

i grew up in LA and have since lived in Albuquerque, Melbourne Australia, and currently Phoenix Az.

I have a strong passion for travel and music. I’ve been to over 100 concerts and have danced at every single one.

When I’m not traveling this beautiful planet, you can find me taking walks around my neighborhood, cooking with my boyfriend, or watching reruns of Law & Order SVU and Parks & Rec.

Coffee is my morning ritual.. without it, watch out!

this picture was taking in Melbourne, Australia, when my friends decided to throw a mexican fiesta, which naturally led to buying mustaches and placing them in between the brows for a beautiful rendition of Frida Kahlo.


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